Partnership Training


Canine Community Heroes (CCH) training programs are designed to mutually benefit dogs and their people through the development of meaningful partnerships. All of our training activities are designed to enhance the success of future service dogs and therapy dogs in the community. The good news is that what we do to train working dogs is good for all dogs. Whether you are looking to help your dog develop a job role (service dog or therapy dog) or you have specific goals for your family dog, we achieve success through modern approaches by teaching dogs and their people to work together as partners.  

Smiling woman and dog looking at each other


CCH upholds high standards of humane treatment to all dogs and uses methods that are based on current scientific research. CCH is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable training experience for all. We train dogs by rewarding desired behaviors, improving the emotional state of the dog, setting dogs up for success, and excluding the use of physical punishment and psychological intimidation. If you are new to force-free (reward based training) this short primer will be helpful.

Dog Jobs

Training dogs as work partners, rather than just recipients of obedience commands, elevates the role that your dog will have with you. The training is very similar to team building exercises that are common in some work places. Dog and Handler work together to communicate effectively, support each other’s challenges, and achieve a goal together. Yes, it is more fun to do team building with a dog! It makes dog training a useful and enjoyable experience for both of you while learning skills that apply to real-life.

Handler Education

Another important component to dog training is the other end of the leash, that is, you! How you communicate and respond to your dog will be the primary means to your dog’s learning experiences and later as a functioning team. Let’s face it, dogs don’t speak human and people don’t speak dog.  The obvious challenge is communication. Our goal is to limit misunderstandings and build an effective means for dog-human interactions. Dog handler education is about teaching you how to read your dog’s body signals and to be understood by your dog.

Team Building

Training should take advantage of the many opportunities for dogs and people to learn multiple skills together. Simply learning dog commands that are common in traditional obedience classes can be very limiting. Our team building approach to dog training takes advantage of obstacle courses, props, field trips into the community, and activities that teach dogs to enjoy the lifestyle of their human families. Canine Community Heroes offers a unique dog training experience that develops a healthy partnership between dog and handler for work or family life.