Getting Started

To get started in our training program we ask that you first reach out to us through the Contact Page. This helps us to address your situation in a personalized manner and direct you to the next steps. The information on this page will help familiarize you with our registration requirements.  

Dog Health and Safety Requirements

  • Established with a licensed veterinarian
  • Negative fecal exam for parasites
  • Absence of symptoms of illness and injury
  • Has not caused serious injury to any person or animal

New Student Evaluation

We recognize that your dog is a valuable member of your family. You have specific goals in mind for your dog as well as important questions and concerns. Through our experience of transforming dogs and their people into meaningful partnerships, we have found it valuable to begin our training relationship with an extended private evaluation. We spend up to (2) hours with you to assess your dog’s training needs and engage your dog in training. 

Evaluation Part I – online video conference with a trainer. This first part meeting allows us to have an in-depth discussion about your dog and training needs. This is the most efficient way for us to exchange information while your dog is in the comfort of their own home.

Evaluation Part II – in-person meeting at our place with you and your dog. This second part meeting includes your dog in activities and interactions with the trainer as well as your participation. This part of the process is a learning experience for you and your dog. You will leave the evaluation with a great deal of useful information and a training plan.

What students are saying about the New Student Evaluation

Exactly what I was looking for

“I got all my questions answered and learned what types of things to work on with my puppy so he can be a therapy dog when he’s older.”

Learned so much

“Having a child with special needs and raising a puppy is a challenge. The evaluation helped us learn how to help our child and puppy bond that we couldn’t have learned in a class setting.”

We got answers

“You won’t find any of this type of information on the internet. We watched so many videos on You Tube and just got confused. This evaluation told us more than we ever thought possible about our dog and what she needed.”

We feel like family

“This process is so different but awesome. From our first contact through the 2 meetings we felt like we belonged. Our dog had fun too. We highly recommend CCH. We are excited to be a part of the program.”