Classes and Training Options

Classes for Dogs and Their People

Classes benefit future working dogs and family dogs

CCH training classes focus on developing partnerships between dog and person for daily family life and active roles in the community.  Classes specifically address the training needs of future service dogs, therapy dogs, facility dogs, and skilled companion dogs.  Our unique classes are especially beneficial for families who want their dog to be a participant in their recreational activities.

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Dog School

Too busy for daily training?  High energy puppy or adolescent dog?  Future working dog?

Dog School is a good option for puppies and dogs who need more to do with their time while their families go about their busy schedules during the school or work week.  We provide a program that is full of learning, socializing, and practicing advanced skills.  The Dog School program is developed and run by professional trainers.  We offer priority spaces for future service and therapy dogs.


Private Training

A customized approach is helpful when you need to resolve behavior issues or target individual training goals.

We begin with an in-home evaluation and develop a training plan that works with your lifestyle.  Most people find the evaluation process to be very enlightening and a great source of information to get you started right away.  The training plan is customized to address the issues that are of importance to you.

Puppy Training

We want your puppy to start early and start smart.  

If you have special goals in mind for your future adult dog it is important that you get started as early as possible.  We offer a full range of puppy preparation services including breeder consultation, individual puppy selection, in-home puppy raising sessions, and classes that begin at 8 weeks old.  To begin in our program, puppies need a veterinary physical exam and negative fecal examination.  It is recommended by top veterinary schools and associations to begin socialization and classes before shots are completed.  The first 4 months of a dog’s life is about learning to be an adult dog.  Whatever those experiences are lays the road map for the future.  Early puppy training at CCH prepares your puppy for a bright future as a successful companion in whatever goals you may have.

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