How-To Not Mess Up Your Puppy


From dedicated pet parents who shared their heart felt mistakes with us


 “Make time to socialize your puppy and enroll in classes. Living with an aggressive dog is no fun.  We can’t do anything, go anywhere, or hire anyone”

This advice comes from people with dogs who MUST…

  • Remain confined to a kennel when children or guests visit
  • Wear a muzzle at all times outside of the home
  • Be sedated before all veterinary exams & grooming
  • Be separated from all other household pets
  • Be excluded from doggie day care, play dates, boarding, family outings, vacations, and holidays


 “Don’t use punishment or devices to correct bad habits.  Our dog is now afraid of a lot of things and has phobias.  It is heart wrenching to know that I created my dog’s anxiety” 

This advice comes from people with dogs who…

  • Can’t be touched around the neck because of pain caused by choke and shock collars
  • Can’t go outside because the invisible shock fence traumatized them
  • Tremble and hide at the sight of any spray bottle
  • Fear strangers that approach because of being shocked, choked, or punished during excited greetings
  • Tremble, defecate, or snap unpredictably because of harsh training methods


“Learn how to understand dog signals and respond to your dog, not only give your dog commands.  We made lots of mistakes thinking our dog just needed more obedience.”

This advice comes from people with dogs who…

  • Cower, will not come, or run away when called
  • Unexpectedly snap or bite
  • Behave badly when guests visit
  • Act stubborn or will not “listen”
  • Cannot tolerate children, seniors, disabled, and different ethnic groups


“Don’t let the kids (or others) rough house with your puppy.  Our dog now has bad habits that we are struggling to stop.”

This advice comes from people with dogs who…

  • Nip at hands and pull on clothing
  • Chase and tackle running children
  • Bark incessantly if family members play with each other
  • Mouth hair, hands, and limbs of people
  • Can’t relax during family gatherings and activity


“Learn how to properly walk your puppy.  We didn’t know we were teaching permanent bad habits. “   

This advice comes from people with dogs who…

  • Pull so hard while walking that the person and dog are at risk of injury
  • Bite, mouth or play with the leash so much that it is disruptive to the walk
  • Chase wild life, bicycle riders, and joggers while on a walk
  • Have difficulty on walks because of “leash aggression”
  • Become frantic or out of control once the leash is attached


“Get help during puppy adolescence.  We thought our puppy would outgrow the crazy behaviors but now we have big problems.”

This advice comes from people with dogs who…

  • Have phobias that disrupt daily life such as fear of cars, beeping electronics, and camera phones
  • Have unusual obsessions such as humping pillows, sucking on people’s fingers, and tail chasing
  • Have socially embarrassing habits such as sniffing guests’ rear ends and urinating on people
  • Knock over grandma and small children with their exuberant greetings
  • Impulsively terrorize other pets in the home


Enroll Your Puppy As Soon As Possible because,

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”