New Student Evaluation

We recognize that your dog is a valuable member of your family.  You have specific goals in mind for your dog as well as important questions and concerns.  Through our experience of specializing in transforming dogs and their people into partnerships, we have found it valuable to begin our training relationship with an extended private session.  We spend up to (2) hours with you to assess your dog’s training needs and engage your dog in training.  Our evaluation process is designed to be a learning experience for you and your dog.  You can expect to leave the evaluation with a great deal of useful information and a head start on your training goals.

When I first got my puppy, I wanted to avoid making the mistakes I did with my other dog.  The private New Student Evaluation was exactly what I needed.  I got all my questions answered and learned how to work with my puppy so he can be therapy dog when he’s older.

The New Student Evaluation was so valuable.  Even a year later, I am still using the advice given to us during that first private lesson and my dogs are so much more happy and well behaved.

Having a child with special needs and raising a puppy is a challenge but we are doing really great.  We credit the CCH New Student Evaluation that helped us know exactly how to help our child and puppy bond that we couldn’t have learned in a class setting.

My dog passed his classes from a different place but I was still struggling with him barking at the doorbell and growling at the grand kids.  The New Student Evaluation helped me get a handle on those things that we needed to work on at home.

We drove 300 miles roundtrip for the New Student Evaluation and we have no regrets.  It was well worth the time, effort, and expense.  Our daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, learned so much about how to work with her dog and the information we got helped us get started right away.

I tried other dog training classes before finding CCH.  It was always stressful and the trainer was too busy teaching class to get to know my dog.  When I started at CCH, the trainer first came to my house and spent time with me during the New Student Evaluation.  She helped me understand how to work with my dog on his confidence.  It made going to training classes so much more enjoyable and the trainer knows what I am working on at home too.