Featured Success Stories


May 9, 2012 B.F. Kitchen Elementary School


Copper: Certified Facility / Therapy Dog
Jen: Therapy Dog Handler

Copper had his first puppy lesson at 9 weeks old.  His handler, Jen, chose him to one day accompany her to the elementary school where Jen is a counselor.  As a future therapy dog, Copper’s early training focused on helping him become comfortable around children and their typical behaviors.  Copper proved to be born for the job!  He easily welcomed interactions with children, other animals, adults, and many other experiences that were puzzling to him.

In puppy preschool and all his classes, Copper was affectionately known as the “class clown”. From trying to fit his 60 lb puppy body into a bucket of water to rearranging the training room, Copper kept the humans in stitches and other puppies in awe of his antics. Copper earned his STAR puppy award and CGC certificate while the audience watched him bound through the exercises. In Rally class and Summer programs, he had equal amounts of energy. Jen’s patience and perseverance, helped mold this active, go lucky Golden into a well behaved therapy dog that all the children in his school love.

Copper passed his therapy dog registry test and performed 5 advanced trained skills, earning him the Certified Facility Dog designation early this summer of 2012. He spends 3 – 5 days a week working with children in schools and libraries.

Congratulations to Jen and Copper for a job well done, and their continuing team effort in working with children.


August 6, 2012   Loveland, Colorado

Bella: Certified Service Dog
Riley: (child) Handler
Amanda: (adult) 3rd Party Handler

CCH chose Bella from her litter at 6 weeks of age to be a service dog for Riley. At 8 weeks of age Bella was welcomed into her new home and at 9 weeks of age she began CCH puppy preschool. Bella then went on to earn her AKC STAR Puppy Award and Canine Good Citizen certificate. Bella and adult handler, Amanda have been a model training team, participating in supplemental programs such as Rally for Fun, Teamwork, and Public Access Training. Bella passed her service dog pre-admission test and was accepted into the CCH Service Dog Training program when she was just a year old. Her advanced training focused on helping Riley at home and then to accompany Riley and her family into public. Bella’s formal training was completed this summer.

What makes Bella extra special is her deep bond and relationship with 10 year old Riley. They are constant companions and have a language all their own. Although Riley has limited speech abilities, Bella and Riley have no problem communicating with each other. They spend many hours together, as true friends do.

Riley has become more successful when going into public places because of Bella’s special training and their trusting relationship.

Congratulations to the Anderson family, whose dedication in raising and training Bella has resulted in a well trained service dog and best friend for Riley.