Facility Dog Training

CCH Facility Dogs are specifically trained to perform their jobs along side their handler at one work location. Many of our facility dogs’ primary work is therapeutic in nature for placements at schools, rehabilitation centers, court houses, and medical facilities.   Another type of facility dog is one who goes to work with their handler at a place of business.  All facility dogs are required to have reliable obedience skills and safe interaction skills with the public.  Our facility dog training program EXCLUDES dogs (who have been or will be) trained for bite work, personal protection, property protection, guarding, military, and police work.  The CCH facility dog training program is to prepare dogs for compassionate work.

Facility dog candidates are enrolled in the School for Professional Canine Partners to learn the skills necessary to fulfill their job role.  The career training module for Facility Dogs includes off-leash management, responding to hand signals, and performing at least one specific job task.  The partnership will have the opportunity to learn and practice their skills at a facility of their choice before the final certification exam.