Classes for Dogs and Their People

CCH offers a variety of dog training classes that specifically meet the training needs of the School for Professional Canine Partners.  We welcome future working dogs as well as family dogs to participate in our unique classes.  Our classes teach you how to effectively train your dog using positive methods.

About Our Classes

Fun while learning

All our dog training classes are about having fun with your dog while developing skills.  This means no walking in circles with repetitive drills of “sit–down–stay”.  We get your dog thinking and moving using obtacles such as tunnels, hoops, ramps, and climbing structures.  Manners and skills taught in this fashion have additional benefits including improved confidence, physical and mental wellness, success in distractions, and enhanced relationships.  All of our classes are offered on Saturdays.


Training Methods

Our training methods are Force-free using motivational strategies and positive reinforcement.  CCH is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable training experience for all. This includes prohibiting any device or method that has the potential to inflict harm of any type. We train dogs by rewarding desired behaviors, improving the emotional state of the dog, and excluding the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.


Family Member

Our classes are focused on providing training instruction that addresses your dog’s needs as a family member.  We encourage lifestyle living with your dog as a companion and partner in life.  The skills that are taught are mutually beneficial to improve your life together.  Examples of goals for many of our dog clients include participating in family activities, learning a job, going to work with their handler, and resolving behavioral issues to improve quality of life.


Punch Ticket System

We believe that dogs learn best at their own pace and based on their individual needs.  Our classes are on-going without a start or end date.  Dogs and their people work at their own pace with the benefit of a group experience.  A pre-purchased punch ticket allows you to attend classes, and move to a different class when it best suits your dog’s needs.  For dogs that have future jobs, we use a checklist of skills to help guide you in the different learning opportunities that we offer.


Getting Started

Class attendance is most beneficial and appropriate when it is part of a training plan to achieve goals.  We start you off with a New Student Evaluation with the trainer.  During the session we will assess your dog’s needs, discuss your goals, implement training strategies, and develop a training plan that is customized for your needs.  Once its determined that your dog would benefit from a group class experience, you may purchase a class punch ticket and begin at any time. 

Class Information

Skill Builder Intro Class

This class is ideal for new partnerships with puppies and young dogs.  The learning activities are directed at developing your skills as a dog handler while establishing the basic skills that puppies/dogs need to be successful.  The class is less structured and encourages learning through exploration, interactions, giving young dog’s feedback on their experiences, building confidence, and beginning manners and basic leash skills.


Life Skills Class

This class focuses on developing and refining skills that are useful in a variety of lifestyles.  The skill sets that we focus on in this class cover skill development ranging from beginner through advanced social skills, manners, impulse control, exposure to increasing distractions, and partnership skills.  Having a multi-level skill class encourages creative learning opportunities and the benefit of learning from each other.  A majority of the classes are in the training room or training yard,  however we also take advantage of transferring skills into pet-friendly neighborhoods and community areas.


Community Class

Training activities in this class take place in the community or the CCH (work) simulation room.  Skill areas that we focus on include community skills, teamwork skills and work tasks for future service dogs, therapy dogs, facility dogs, and skilled companion dogs.  The community experiences are designed for all levels of experience.  We encourage puppies to join us as soon as possible.  It is common for this class to take field trips that focus on a different set of experiences each week.  Class location is announced on a weekly basis.


Open Session Activity Class

This class is offered on the first Saturday of each month.  It is free for all CCH students who have a current punch ticket.  The purpose of this class is to practice skills in a fun atmosphere using activity stations and obstacle courses.  Students are also encouraged to come to this class if they need extra help with any of their training goals.  All participants should be comfortable in an active group setting of dogs and people.