Skilled Companion Dog Training

Skilled Companion Dogs are advanced trained for companionship in the family home and other areas where the handler frequents that is pet-friendly.  There is a wide range of goals that the future Skilled Companion dog can fulfill.  Some goals are to be a well behaved family member that is comfortable with frequent guests in the home and to accompany their family on pet-friendly vacations.  Another example of a training goal for a Skilled Companion Dog is to participate in specific lifestyle activities such as hiking, camping, traveling, and attending pet-friendly community events.  Skilled Companion Dogs can also function as an Emotional Support Animal for individuals who have that need.  Some housing laws allow an Emotional Support Animal to reside in a non-pet friendly rental home if it is determined by the individual’s doctor as medically necessary.

Skilled Companion dog candidates are enrolled in the School for Professional Canine Partners to learn the skills necessary to fulfill their role.  The training module for Skilled Companion Dogs includes development of social skills, manners & leashwork, and experience in public areas.