Training Dogs to be Family Members and Community Heroes


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Canine Community Heroes (CCH) training programs are designed to mutually benefit dogs and their people through the development of meaningful partnerships.  All of our training activities are designed to enhance the success of future service dogs and therapy dogs in the community.  The good news is that what we do to train working dogs is good for all dogs.  Whether the goal is to participate together in work, recreation, or family life, we achieve success through modern approaches by teaching dogs and their people to work together as partners.

Do No Harm

CCH uses the Hierarchy of Dog Needs by Linda Michaels, M.A. Psychology, in the care and training of dogs in our programs.  By meeting dogs biological needs, emotional needs and social needs, we set the foundation for successful training using only Force-Free methods.  The “Do No Harm” dog training manual E-book, written by Linda Michaels can be purchased at