Distance Trainer Program

The Distance Trainer Program (DTP) is designed to provide training assistance for individuals who are training their own service dog, therapy  dog, or facility dog AND are not able to access our on-site services due to their geographic location.  DTP is a team effort between the dog’s owner-handler, local dog trainer, and CCH specialists.

CCH Distance Trainers are local dog trainers in your geographic area who provide direct services through their own independent dog training businesses.  CCH distance trainers have agreed to a cooperative training plan using the CCH training structure.  They have met the high standards of CCH which include evidence of force-free training methods, at least 5 yrs. of professional training experience, and ethical business practices.

The CCH Online Learning Community site provides a collaborative learning and support structure for DTP.  Although the online learning website is currently under development, DTP continues to be available to eligible students and their local trainers.  Contact us for more information.